4 strong reasons! Tell you why Air Jordan XXXI is worth starting!

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4 strong reasons! Tell you why Air Jordan XXXI is worth starting!


The appearance of Air Jordan XXXI detonated the Sneaker circle without any suspense, and all major websites and platforms are all about it. As a highly regarded global star product, the mixed rhetoric is absolutely normal.


This XXXI and the Air Jordan 1 born in 1985 have done a 31-year soul exchange between time and space. This is a perfect expression of love and history. Xiaobian is a perfect score for only five bodies! After all, Air Jordan 1's nose-level sneakers, plus the legendary history of Michael Jordan, have no influence on the influence of the Sneaker circle!


4 strong reasons! Tell you why Air Jordan XXXI is worth starting!


The following 4 points are all reasons to tell everyone to buy this pair of Air Jordan 31, may wish to see!


1 full palm Zoom Air cushion + Flight Speed


After all, the Air Jordan sneakers are positioned in actual combat. After experiencing the XX9 and XXX with only the forefoot cushion, XXXI once again brings the perfect fit of the full-scale Zoom Air air cushion. The support for the actual performance of the stadium is obviously a perfect score!


This time, Michael Jordan's opinion was also adopted. The Flight Speed midsole combined with the Zoom Air full palm cushion, which is presented in a more close-to-ground design, and brought a lower appearance in addition to the visual effect of “floating the ground”. Center of gravity, better feedback, and lateral support performance.


This sole configuration makes people can't help but have the urge to hurry up!


4 strong reasons! Tell you why Air Jordan XXXI is worth starting!


2 For the first time, a woven material and leather fusion solution


The upper is another focus that deserves attention. This time, Flyweave's high-performance woven material and leather material are combined. This way of presentation is the first time in the history of sneaker manufacturing.


The toe cap and body are made of a lightweight woven material, which is perfectly combined with leather wrap at the upper for a perfect transition between texture and style.


The fine Flyweave fabric is still complemented by the Flywire dynamic flying line, providing comprehensive support in terms of package and support.


The combination of the two, the perfect balance between performance and fashion value, lightweight and strong, modern and retro, this exquisite feeling, deserves a fine taste.


4 strong reasons! Tell you why Air Jordan XXXI is worth starting!


3 It is both retro and fashionable, the more beautiful it is, the more beautiful it is.


In terms of overall visual expression, XXXI brings a very rich expression.


The outline of the body of the shoe is based on the classic line of the Air Jordan 1, but the body of the shoe is not as slim as the one, and the thickness is thicker.


In addition, the design of the sole that fits the ground is more simple in terms of contour lines, presenting a unique posture that is ready to go, and the hidden power is also consigned.


The fineness of the toe woven material, the texture of the leather upper of the upper, and the uniqueness and exquisiteness between the alternate lines of sight are also unprecedented experiences.


Review Michael Jordan's black and red color matching Air Jordan 1 "Bred" The image of the soaring dunk, this explosive and beautiful moment, seems to be injected into XXXI, which makes people feel good. Adding Swoosh's gradient to the trapeze logo and the Air Jordan wing logo on the inside of the shoe, this tribute is no more obvious!


4 strong reasons! Tell you why Air Jordan XXXI is worth starting!


4 Perfect return to the origin, take off again


Air Jordan and Michael Jordan are never afraid of gossip, so subversive innovations are constantly being presented, and they have risen one after another.


One side is the deep memory of Air Jordan 1 and Michael Jordan 31 years ago, and the perfect combination of technology and fashion. Whether it's a top-of-the-line configuration with Zoom Air's full air cushion, it's the first attempt to weave + leather; whether it's a 31-year span of Swoosh gradient to the Jumpman Logo or a retro representation of shoe design, XXXI means subverting innovation It also means taking off again.


4 strong reasons! Tell you why Air Jordan XXXI is worth starting!


XXXI is completely devoid of the shadow of XXX, whether it is the design concept or marketing ideas, there are some differences in the past.


At present, the mall has put on a variety of Air Jordan XXXI shoes, like the feeling to buy it.

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