Review Jordan Why Not Zero0.1 shoes from five aspects

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Review Jordan Why Not Zero0.1 shoes from five aspects


The protagonist of this issue is AIR JORDAN's first pair of positive boots for the Thunder superstar Westbrook Jordan Why Not Zero0.1.


The pair of WHY NOT ZER0.1 FUSE hot melt shoe covers are less flexible, so the fat feet of the feet may be high and the back of the foot may not be easy to wear. Let's see what the actual performance of each aspect is.


Review Jordan Why Not Zero0.1 shoes from five aspects


      1. Package: 9 points


The entire inner boot can be seen from the inside of the tongue. This thickness should be relatively thick in the current mainstream design that pursues lightness.


After the upper foot, the package is very good, and even a friend with a high fat on the back will feel a little pressure. The lace system between the inner boot and the shoe cover further enhances the wrap and secures the feet.


The toughness and strength of the FUSE hot-melt film material on the upper are also very good, and the upper is not over-stretched when the direction is greatly changed.


Review Jordan Why Not Zero0.1 shoes from five aspects


      2. Protection and stability: 8 points


The black triangular heel uses a new CMP one-piece foam material that wraps the entire heel and then extends forward and downward until the side of the arch, making up for the lack of a built-in anti-twist device in the midsole.


The outer layer of the CMP has such a straight line shape, which can further increase the strength of the heel. This CMP heel is definitely a weapon for the actual performance of the shoes. In addition, the inner lining used a thick and elastic filling material at the heel position, and the inward projection made a filling with the physiological curve of the ankle and ankle. After being worn, it was very helpful for the stability of the whole hind paw. Don't worry about shaking your heel when you land.


Review Jordan Why Not Zero0.1 shoes from five aspects


      3. Outsole: 7 points


The texture of the WHY Not Zero 0.1 outsole is arranged in a radial arrangement with different degrees of density in the front, rear, left and right directions to meet the grip required for different directions of motion.


The performance of the relatively small cut short-line pattern in actual combat can only be said to be quite satisfactory, especially the texture of the inner side of the forefoot has slipped in several emergency stops and directions.


Review Jordan Why Not Zero0.1 shoes from five aspects


      4. Weight: 7 points


This pair of WHY NOT ZER0.1 is currently a relatively heavy sneaker. The weight of 42.5 yards is 445 grams, which is really biased. This is related to the CMP big heel, thicker inner boots, and the complex structure uppers made up of multiple parts such as shoe covers and velcro.


      5. cushioning: 9 points


The full-length zoom air cushion that disappeared for a long time on Jordan's basketball shoes returned this time on why not zero 1. The Zoom air cushion is placed between the slotted and outsole under the midsole. The midsole close to the sole of the foot has a layer of foam plus orthite memory foam insole. This cushioning configuration provides a very cool foot feel. Simply straightforward is the hi-hat. In addition, the mid-bottom shape of the front low and the high height, the quick rebound response in the actual combat is fast, the forefoot is full of elasticity when the jump is taken, and the back palm cushioning is sufficient when landing. The cushioning foot feel is very satisfactory.


Review Jordan Why Not Zero0.1 shoes from five aspects


Through the actual combat, this pair of why not as Wei Shao's first pair of positive boots has a very good actual performance, in the cushioning package and other aspects are high-end sneaker configuration, but also in the weight, grip and other aspects have some shortcomings.

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